Pi Beta Phi
At Ball State University
Chapter Leadership

What do you do: As chapter president, I oversee chapter operations and work with the executive council to set goals to help the chapter improve!

Hometown: Trafalgar, Indiana

Major: Magazine Media

Fun Fact: Every year I go hiking in one of America's National Parks!

What do you do: I have multiple jobs but the more important ones are keeping track and filing all of the forms and updating our E-reports. I also work with our standards chair and protect Pi Phi’s positive reputation.

Hometown: Decatur, Illinois 

Major: Advertising

Fun Fact: I own an adorable French Bulldog, go follow her on Instagram (@frenchie_gigi_). I also have a YouTube channel- (Claire Demirjian)

What do you do: As Vice President of Fraternity Development I am in charge of all things pertaining to our ritual, which includes planning initiation and all other chapter ceremonies. I am also in charge of all things pertaining to our heritage, which includes chapter heritage lessons, making sure our chapter history is recorded every semester, and planning our founder’s day celebration. 

Hometown: Trafalgar, Indiana

Major: Exercise Science

Fun Fact:  I have a dog named Bella and I love doing anything outdoors!

What do you do: As Vice President of Finance I pretty much manage GreekBill. I will add in all the charges at the beginning of each semester. I write checks for every one that needs them and make sure we stay in budget. I write the budget for the next year and work to make sure everyone stays on track money wise.

Hometown: Kokomo, Indiana

Major: Speech Language Pathology

Fun Fact: My mom and aunt were both legacies of Pi Beta Phi!

What do you do: As Vice President of Philanthropy, I put together 4 philanthropy events for our chapter to raise money for Read>Lead>Achieve. I am also in charge of keeping track of our chapters volunteering hours. Raising money for Read>Lead>Achieve and volunteering in our community are two things that I am very passionate about. I love to see all of the great things that our chapter has done to give back to the community and children.

Hometown: Western Springs, Illinois

Major: Public Relations

Fun Fact: I am a twin! 

What do you do: As house manager, I ensure that all members have access to a safe, comfortable, and welcoming environment in our suite. I also enforce suite rules and serve as a bridge between the chapter and FHC and AAC.

Hometown: New Palestine, Indiana

Major: Family and Child with concentrations in child life and child development

Fun Fact: I can rap every word to B.O.B.’s Headband

What do you do: As Vice President of Communications I create flyers to promote our philanthropies and other events while controlling all social media. I also handle communication between Pi Beta Phi and other organizations and I created this website! 

Hometown: Carmel, Indiana

Major: Public Relations

Fun Fact: I was born and raised in England

What do you do: As Vice President of Membership I plan the outfits and decorations in the room for recruitment. I also teach the chapter what values we should look for in potential new members and how to explain what standards we hold our chapter to. I lead conversation workshops and a spirit week to get the chapter ready for recruitment by bonding and learning more about our sisterhood.

Hometown: Haubstadt, Indiana

Major: Apparel Design

Fun Fact: I'm interning in New York City for three months!

What do you do: I am in charge of the chapter academics and making sure everyone is doing well in their classes and being able to offer help to our memebers or point them in the right direction in case they need help with their classes.

Hometown: Westchester, Illinois

Major: Applied Behavior Analysis

Fun Fact: Spanish is actually my first language.

What do you do: As Vice President of Event Planning, I do all of the event planning! My main focuses are winter and spring formal, barn dance, and mom/dad’s day. I also oversee the social chair and the sisterhood chair and help them plan fun events for our chapter.

Hometown: Fort Wayne, Indiana

Major: Elementary Education

Fun Fact: I went skydiving in Iceland!


Major: Marketing

Hometown: Fort Wayne,IN

What your position does: I oversee all of executive board and work with them to set goals for our chapter. I also oversee chapter operations and make sure everything is running smoothly.

Fun fact: I have been to 8 different countries!


Major: Marketing with a minor in Fashion

Hometown: Lowell, IN

What your position does:  I oversee recruitment altogether and ensure that our members are having the best experience possible. Recruitment is my favorite time of the year hands down!

Fun fact: I have met 3 celebrities!